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Couldn't sleep last night? Although you went to bed early, your mind wouldn't slow down. In the past, you've considered Hemp for occasional insomnia. But the market is so flooded with lotions, tinctures, gummies, even pet treats — you were overwhelmed. In these days of stress and uncertainty, it's time for you to get serious and find a quality Hemp that works for you.

Since you've never purchased it yourself, the first thing you should know is what passes for good Hemp. It stands for Cannabidiol and is derived from the cannabis plant. This is where we run into confusion because the term cannabis makes people think it's pot. No, that's THC. Hemp is THC's non-intoxicating cousin. Hemp oil cannot legally contain over 0.3% THC.

While it doesn't get you high, Hemp has been shown to alleviate inflammation, alleviate inflease aches and pains, and promotes a sense of calm. Its anti-inflammatory properties work naturally with your endocannabinoid system and may alter serotonin receptors. Anxiety can be caused by a shortage of serotonin, which is probably why 60% of Hemp buyers use it to help ease their nerves.

Our editors have looked into two of the highest grade Hemp oils: Sabaidee and Feals. We evaluated their tinctures:


Feals and Sabaidee both use full-spectrum oils that are extracted from hemp, so they don't contain psychoactive ingredients found in cannabis. Both brands harvest 100% organic industrial hemp plants and blend it with MCT Oil a fat-burning, metabolism-revving superfood that maximizes Hemp's bioavailability throughout your body.

But Feals uses pressurized CO2 to draw Hemp from the cannabis plant so their cannabinoids are pure, potent, and free of chlorophyll and other harmful chemicals.

Winner: Feals

Price - Subscription vs. Bundles

Hemp Oils come in different potencies and between these companies they do vary:

Feals - 600mg = $74 1200mg = $134 2400mg = $244 Become a member and get Feals delivered monthly at 30% savings. You can pause or cancel at any time.

Sabaidee - 250mg = $49 1000mg = $119 2500mg $199 Bundle and save 30% .

Sabaidee's bundles may seem like a great deal, but a 3-pack of their strongest oil will put you back $600.

Winner: Feals

How 'Bout Taste?

What an awesome opportunity to sample products before committings this costly. Sabaidee offers a Great Vibes Bundle —one bottle of 250mg tincture and a 1000mg for $135. Start with the 250mg and work your way up to the more potent 1000mg and see what works for you.

Want to figure out what strength is right for you before purchasing? Feals' ingenious sampler, The Flight, has 3 vials of Hemp in different dosages. When we talk about the Flight we refer to the amount of Hemp in the vial so that's: 40mg, 80mg, and 160mg. Try all 3 strengths to determine your sweet spot. What's so super sweet about The Feals Flight is it only costs $20! Nothing to lose here.

Winner: Feals

Tested & Retested

Both brands test in-house and then test again with 3rd-Party Labs to ensure quality, purity, and consistency of their Hemp oils.

Winner: Tie


Sabaidee and Feals offer free shipping to all 50 states. They ship directly to your doorstep within 3-5 business days. Both have happiness guarantees, so if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it for free within 30 days.

Winner: Tie

Clearly, Feals is our top dog—a work from home must-have that will calm your stress and help you sleep through the night. With The Flight, you can try it before you buy it, risk-free at $20. Feals really is a better way to feel better.

Update: The folks at FEALS are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up for a membership and get 30% off your order, every time!

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